My Views

My views don't conform to any one party, I take the best of both worlds to come to a reasonable conclusion.
  1. Immigration
    It is clear that America has an immigration problem. Although I feel bad for those who suffer in other lands, America can't house all the world's poor. Criminals should be deported, the US should work with other countries to provide a haven for refugees, and we should stop exploiting other countries and start helping to solve problems in Central America that cause people to flee for their lives to the U.S. The wall is divisive and the financial and environmental costs are too high.
  2. Environment
    Our planet is in trouble, and it's our fault. We pump billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the air, causing global warming, which threatens our only home. Humans are also paving over the last of our natural lands and destroying the habitat of other creatures. Humans are clearing forests, polluting our oceans, driving species into extinction. and it needs to stop. It is time to treat our Earth as our precious home, not as a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.
  3. Israel
    I support Israel, contrary to some Democrats. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, has equal rights for women and everyone else, has free healthcare, and treats people of all religions equally. Israel has been subjected to relentless attacks by vicious neighbors who say they want to finish the genocide that Hitler started. Despite all Israel's efforts to seek peace, including returning land it captured in wars of self-defense, an intolerant world just won't let the only Jewish state live in peace.
  4. Abortion
    Abortion is depressing, but not nearly as depressing as forced parenthood, unwanted children, and society paying for them. I believe it's wrong to have an abortion shortly before birth, and the cutoff time should be around 6 months. A fetus isn't the same as a fully developed human, as an acorn isn't an oak tree. Abortions are important because it empowers women and allows them to control their lives. I share Planned Parenthood's; all children should be wanted children.
  5. Gun Control
    It is outrageous to me how Republican lawmakers can do nothing about the gun issue, and then act surprised every time there's a mass shooting. Our country needs stricter gun laws, like many other civilized countries and tougher background checks. I see no reason for civilians to own semiautomatic weapons, which is why I wish to see them banned. I understand the need for guns to defend oneself, which is why I seek to regulate, not ban, all guns.
  6. Healthcare
    Without access to health care, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not rights, but illusions. I believe America should join the rest of the free world, including Israel, by providing universal health care to its residents, just as we provide free education to children. It is morally repugnant that a child can get sick in this country and go blind, lame, or die, or can become an orphan because they cannot afford an inexpensive cure. Universal health care is more just and less expensive than our system.